Project Planning & Budgeting

  • Preplan Bid for budgeting
  • LOI Review
  • Financial Referrals


  • Coordinate Design/Architect /Engineer
  • Coordinate Plan Review
  • Build (Construction Management)

Construction Management

  • Pre-Construction

Gais Construction starts the Pre-Construction Phase offering Value Engineering in an effort to reduce costs throughout the project. We coordinate with the project’s financial institution on SBA loans or other standard commercial loans.  We coordinate with Landlords reviewing Lease Agreements, and providing all required documents.  We arrange all required insurance, including Builder’s Risk, General Liability, and Worker’s Comp.  We complete the Pre-Construction Phase by providing all contractual documents to be agreed upon.

  • Project Kick-off

Gais Construction assembles a Project Team who will direct all project participants to work together to complete the project on time and on budget. We start by working with the Project Architect to procure all required permits.  We organize a Kick-off Meeting with all key parties, including the Owner, Landlord and Architect to identify specific requirements of each participant so they can be addressed as the project progresses.  The Gais Construction Project Team also organizes a Subcontractor Kick-off Meeting to review project plans, identify any issues on-site, and establish all project guidelines.

  • Build

Gais Construction manages all Subcontractors to build according to the plans and meet the project schedule. When issues arise, we provide solutions that work for the Owner, Architect and Subcontractor, along with being cost effective and time sensitive.  We provide daily project updates to Owners via an online portal, including pictures of daily progress. We coordinate all building, health, fire, and other required inspections. We constantly seek the best, most efficient, and effective options for your project, in order to achieve a higher level of excellence in the end product and its delivery.

  • Post-Construction

Gais Construction closes out the project by providing Owners, their Financial Institution, and Landlords with all required documents, including Lien Waivers, Pay Applications, and Certificates of Occupancy, in order for Owners to receive final payments and TI monies. At the end of the project we provide a Warranty Package.




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