Lou Gais- lou@gaisconstruction.com

Lou brings more than 45 years in business management and ownership and 30+ years in construction to the Charlotte and North Carolina area. In addition to his business administration degree and background, he has added to his base of knowledge through specialized training and years of experience in project management, construction accounting, NC Building Codes, and construction problem solving and troubleshooting.

Lou grew up in the construction business with uncles who also owned construction companies in Pennsylvania. Out of that exposure, and seeing how others were doing things in the industry, Lou’s passion for doing construction the right way grew, convincing him to start a company himself in 1985 in the Lake Norman area.

Michael Gais- mike@gaisconstruction.com

Mike’s love and adeptness in design have resulted in the ability to envision and resolve onsite problems that occur and to work closely with as-built plans for effective problem solving on renovations. His role in collaborating with a project’s architect to assure a balance of design integrity with solutions that are sound in construction and infrastructure result in a smooth process from inception to completion.

Kevin Gais- kevin@gaisconstruction.com

Focused on the value-added that comes with fast turnaround on commercial projects, Kevin considers communications and meticulous scheduling critical to each and every job he oversees in order for clients to get into and begin making money in their facility. In addition, through diligence an accurate and comprehensive bidding, Kevin approaches costing a job with impeccable attention to scheduling detail and material specifications, which results in a project that practically manages itself.

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